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FPA: Eesti Pereplaneerimise Liit (EPPL) Tel. +372 (6 )446656 / eppl@amor.ee Website: http://www.amor.ee

Abortion has been legal since a governmental decision by the Soviet Union in November 1955. The Estonian Ministry of Social Affairs issued decrees in 1992 and 1993 setting new criteria and also regulating abortions performed in private clinics. A law on the termination of pregnancy and sterilization was adopted at the end of 1998 by the Estonian Parliament. In 2004, this law will be amended.




Up to 11 weeks:

  • On request

Up to 21 weeks:

  • Pregnancy endangers the woman's health
  • The child is likely to have serious mental or physical disorders
  • Mother's illness or health condition prevents her to take care of the child
  • Woman is below 15 or over 45



  • Consultation with a doctor is required. Counselling has to address issues of biological and medical nature of termination of pregnancy, related risks and possible complications.
  • After the 11th week of pregnancy, the reason for the abortion has to be stated in writing. This document has to be signed by another doctor and/or social worker
  • Abortion can be only performed by gynaecologists in licensed institutions and only in a hospital after the 11th week of pregnancy



  • The cost of an abortion is determined by a regulation of the Minister of Social Affairs and is being adjusted on regular basis. Currently, it costs about EEK 1400 (112 US $). The Health Insurance Fund is subsidizing the cost for the women insured. They have to pay approximately one third of the total cost.





It is believed that no illegal abortions are performed in Estonia. In 2004, the abortion law will be amended. The planned changes are the following: -Abortion will be available on request up to 12 weeks instead of 11 weeks -Abortion will be legal up to 22 weeks instead of 21 weeks -The age as a ground for an abortion between the 12th and 22nd week will be raised from 15 to 16. Other grounds will remain the same. -Counselling will also have to address contraceptive methods.

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