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FPA: Väestöliitto Tel. +358 (9) 228050 / central.office@vaestoliitto.fi Website: http://www.vaestoliitto.fi


Law 239, 1970; Law 564, 1978; Law 572, 1985; Law 328, 2001



Up to 12 weeks:

  • Social, socio-medical or socio-economic grounds
  • Risk to mental health of woman
  • Rape or other sexual crime Up to 20 weeks:
  • Risk to physical health of woman
  • If the woman is younger than 17

Up to 24 weeks:

  • Risk to life of woman
  • Risk of fetal malformation



  • Abortions can only be performed in hospitals
  • Compulsory contraceptive counselling


Up to 12 weeks pregnancy:

  • Authorization from only 1 doctor is needed: -if the woman is under 17 years -If the woman is over 40 years -if the woman has already given birth to four children. In those cases, a woman does not need to give a specific reason for the abortion
  • Authorization of 2 doctors is needed: -if particular circumstances, pregnancy, labour and caring for a child would be a considerable burden to the woman -if the pregnancy is a result of rape -if the partner of the woman has an illness that reduces the ability to care for a child -if continuing the pregnancy would endanger the physical health or life of the woman


Up to 20 weeks:

  • Authorization of the National Board of Medico-legal Affairs required for second trimester abortions



Abortion is free of charge under national health insurance but women must pay hospital fees of Euro 66- 112 (US $ 85-144).



The law has come to be interpreted freely, and in practice a woman can get an abortion if she so wishes.



The implementation of this law is regarded as highly effective and illegal abortion is rare.

State hospital provision for abortion is supplemented by out-patient procedures.

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