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FPA: Mouvement Français pour le Planning Familial (MFPF) Tel. +33 (1) 48072910 / mfpf@planning-familial.org

Law 588, 2001




Up to 12 weeks

  • If the woman judges to be in a ‘state of distress' because of her pregnancy


Second trimester

  • Risk to life of woman
  • Risk to physical health of woman
  • Risk of fetal malformation



  • The woman must consult a doctor and minors are also required to seek advice from a social worker. If the woman still desires to terminate the pregnancy, she should renew her request in writing, no earlier than one week from the time of the first request. Should the one week waiting period cause the 12-week period of pregnancy to be exceeded, the doctor may accept the renewed request as early as two days after the initial request.
  • Although minors need to have the parental consent, they can obtain an exemption if they want to keep it a secret. In this case, she needs to be accompanied by an adult of her choice.
  • For a second trimester abortion, 2 doctors and a psychologist or social worker are required to review the request of abortion.



The price ranges from Euro 137 to 213 (US$ 168 – US$ 260)

  • A medical abortion (RU-486) costs Euro 200 (US$ 245)
  • Private insurances cover the difference
  • Women are reimbursed for 80% of the price. Women under 18 or women living in conditions of poverty can receive a 100% reimbursement



  • Abortion is not performed in all hospitals
  • Women often cannot choose the method (medical or surgical)
  • Different attitudes of doctors in dealing with minors who are not able to produce written parental consent



  • In general there are not enough beds available in hospitals, even though the situation varies from one city to the other
  • Conscientious objection provision permits professionals to decline involvement in procedures, but they are required to inform the patient without delay (during the first appointment at the latest) and provide referral. (Art. 2212-2,-8)
  • Each public hospital medical consultant must accept the provision of the voluntary interruption of pregnancy (VIP) if this has been decided by the board of governors in order to comply with the February 2004 18 mission of the public health services. He is entitled to refuse to practice it, however he must not oppose colleagues who do.
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