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Act 50, Act Relating to the Termination of Pregnancy, 13 June 1975. Law 66, Sec 1-4, 16 June 1978




Up to 12 weeks:

  • On request

Second trimester (fetal viability):

  • Risk to life of woman
  • Risk to physical health of woman
  • Risk to mental health of woman
  • Risk of fetal malformation
  • Rape or other sexual crime
  • Social grounds
  • Woman under 16


After the 18th week:

  • Only for extremely severe reasons



  • For second trimester abortions, women's applications have to be submitted to a Board of two doctors. If the committee denies the approval, there is the possibility for the woman to apply to another committee
  • Parental or judge's consent required for minors (below 16 years) unless highly inappropriate
  • The doctor consulted is under obligation to inform the woman about how the abortion is carried out, and possible complications
  • If a woman decides not to have an abortion, her doctor is obligated to notify her that she can ask for information about the support provided by society. The woman is not obligated to ask for this information, but when she signs the request for abortion she has to confirm that she has been notified that she can get more information about the support in society.
  • Women have also the right, if they request it, to receive counselling on contraceptive methods, at the time of abortion



Free of charge






There is a conscientious objection, under which hospital staff can avoid participating in the operation itself, but cannot refuse to help pre- and post-operation. The regional hospital enterprises must organise hospital services in order to make it possible at any time, for resident women, to obtain abortions.

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