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FPA: Österreichische Gesellschaft für Familieplanung (ÖGF) Tel. +43 (1) 4785242 Website: http://www.oegf.at

Federation Law 23 January 1974, effective in January 1975




Up to 3 months from completed implantation:


  • On request

Second trimester:


  • Risk to life of woman
  • Risk to physical health of woman
  • Woman is a minor (under 14 years)



  • Consultation with a doctor
  • Abortion must be carried out by a doctor

Induced abortion not paid for by (normal) health insurance


  • State hospitals: € 300 – 840(US$ 385 - 1075)
  • Private abortion clinics: € 350 - 450 (US$ 450 - 575)
  • Private practitioners: € 450 (US$ 575)


  • Due to conscientious objection from both medical personnel and hospital management, abortion facilities are not readily available all over the country
  • According to the law, abortion can be performed up to 3 months after completed implantation, but in practice they are performed up to 12 weeks even though there is no legal basis for 12 weeks after the LMP 1
  • According to the law, abortion can be performed by general practitioners and gynecologists. But the regulation for Mifegyne allows the use of the drug only in hospital and clinics, therefore medical abortion can be performed only in hospitals. There are two private clinics specialised in abortion in Vienna. They also offer medical abortion
  • Very few public hospitals are offering abortion at a reasonable price (appr. 5 hospitals are offering abortion for less than € 350). It is difficult for women to get an abortion especially outside Vienna and outside of other big cities. Very few doctors perform abortions in private practice in rural areas
  • Abortion tourism takes place from West to East Austria. Between 100 and 200 women per year are still going to the Netherlands to get an abortion.After the 18th weeks it is hardly possible to get an abortion in Austria.


  • It is not believed that illegal abortion is practised on any scale. Statistics are not available
  • Public information on the availability of abortion services is very scarce



LMP (first day of Last Menstrual Period) is the most widely used term; 14 days later ovulation takes place. (There are considerable differences between women, in fact 14 days is a statistical median used for practical purposes. An ultrasound examination in early pregnancy can date the pregnancy more accurately ±3 days).
Conception happens during the hours following ovulation.
Implantation usually takes place about 1 week after ovulation about 3 weeks from LMP, but there is no scientifically confirmed date for this, it could be between 3-4 weeks LMP.


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