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Member Association: Russian Family Planning Association (RFPA) Tel. +7 (095) 9731559 / rfpa@dol.ru Website: http://www.family-planning.ru



Governmental decision, 23 November 1955 1993 - Russian Federation Health Care Law No. 5487–1, 22 July, article 36, every woman has the right to decide in matters related to motherhood



Up to 12 weeks

  • On request


Up to 22 weeks

  • Social grounds No limit (with woman's consent)
  • Medical grounds



  • All abortions have to be performed in governmental clinics and licensed private clinics
  • For early pregnancies (up to 20 days of delayed period), abortion can be performed in outpatient clinics
  • In August 2003, the Government narrowed the grounds for abortion. Before the new restrictions, women could receive an abortion between the 12th and 22nd weeks of their pregnancies by citing one of 13 special circumstances called “social indicators,” including divorce, poverty, unemployment or poor housing. The governmental decree (#485) has reduced the number to four: rape, imprisonment, the death or severe disability of the husband or a court ruling stripping a woman of her parental rights. Being a single mother or a refugee is no longer reason enough to abortion.



  • Abortion performed within the compulsory health insurance programme, free of charge
  • Women can undertake abortion in the framework of voluntary medical insurance, as well as in private, authorised institutions





The trend is towards a decrease in abortion rates. According to data from the RF Statistics Committee, 3.53 million abortions or 95 abortions per 1000 women of reproductive age were performed in 1992, whereas in 2002 the figures decreased to 1.95 million or 50 per 1000 women of reproductive age. The decrease is mainly due to a Federal Family Planning Programme, and the regional ones, and to the projects implemented by the RFPA and its branches. Abortion remains the main method of fertility regulation in Russia, 6 pregnancies out of 10 end in induced abortion: the absence of domestic manufacturers producing hormonal contraception, irregular state purchases, high and unaffordable contraceptive prices and the constant lack of information about contraception, are the main causes of the low oral contraceptive use. The low February 2004 40 level of modern contraceptive use is in many cases associated with the high rates of abortion.

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