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Member Association: PLANeS - Fondation Suisse pour la Santé Sexuelle et Reproductive Tel. +41 (21) 6612233 / info@plan-s.ch Website: http://www.plan-s.ch


Penal Code Act, articles 118-121, January 1942, was modified on 23 March 2001 and adopted after 2 June 2002 referendum. The new law (Penal Code Act, articles 118-120) has become effective on 1 October 2002




Up to 12 weeks (from LMP) (10 weeks from conception)

  • On request

After 12 weeks (from LMP)

  • Risk to life of woman
  • Risk to physical health of woman
  • Severe mental distress (includes rape, incest, malformation of foetus)



  • The doctor has to give the woman comprehensive information. He has to discuss the decision with her in detail, hand her out an information sheet with addresses of counselling services and services where she can get material help and be informed about adoption
  • Minors under 16 have to see a counsellor at a counselling service for adolescents
  • Parental consent (or information) is not required for minors capable of discernment (even if they are under 16)



  • Health insurance covers the costs of the lawful termination, under the same terms as illness (Art. 30 Federal Law, March 18, 1994)
  • Approximately between CHF 600 - 3000 (US$ 380 –1,900), for first trimester abortions





Most abortions are performed on psycho-social grounds. The practice has become more liberal over the last 25 years. Access to RU 486 up to 7 weeks of pregnancy is very good in Switzerland since 2000. Nearly 40% of all abortions are medical abortions. After 14 weeks of pregnancy, it is still difficult to obtain an abortion except in very severe cases. Regional differences and “abortion tourism” within Switzerland are rapidly disappearing

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