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Law 27, 1992. Changed by Law 24 1995. Order by Federal Constitutional Court 28, 1993




Up to 12 weeks from conception

  • On request after counselling


Up to 12 weeks

  • Rape or other sexual crime


No limit

  • Medical grounds (broad definition covering mental health risks including the ones caused by fetal malformation, and general health risks caused by adverse socio-economic conditions)



  • Counselling compulsory for abortion on request
  • Counselling not compulsory for medical cases and in case of rape or other sexual crime
  • Compulsory waiting period after counselling (3 days; for abortion on request)
  • Second written medical opinion, in addition to the one of the doctor performing the abortion (medical reasons, rape or other sexual crime)



  • Fully covered by statutory health insurance or civil servant health assistance (over 90% of population) in cases of rape or other sexual crime or medical grounds
  • For abortion on request the cost is covered partially - e.g. for medical information and ascertaining of gestational age, but not for the abortion itself and anaesthesia - by statutory health insurance or civil servant health assistance
  • For women whose income is below a certain level (which includes around 70% of women in Western and almost all women in Eastern Germany), the state cover any further costs


While the law explicitly requires a network of abortion counselling facilities with different ideological orientation, in some areas women can in practice only choose between a church-related facility and another one run by local or state authorities (which are legally obliged to be ideologically neutral)



Abortion is partly regulated under the Penal Code. In addition, further regulations are laid down in the so called Schwangerschaftskonfliktgesetz. In some regions and among societal groups there is still an adverse climate towards abortion in general.

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