About us

    Every sexual action should be free from coersion and disease, every pregnancy wanted, and every birth healthy – in Denmark and in the rest of the World. This has been at heart of the work of the Danish Family Planning Association throughout the past 60 years.

    We work to create greater awareness on issues concerning sexuality, pregnancy, contraceptive methods and sexually transmitted diseases.

    We are committed to ensure that health and sex education are recognised worldwide as human rights, irrespective of age, gender, religion, marital or social status.


    The Danish Family Planning Association also helps raising health standards and ensure easy access to affordable and safe contraceptive methods to improve people's sexual well-being.


    Creating a world in which everybody can enjoy or excercise their full sexual and reproductive health and rights is vital for our work. This requires openness and knowledge about sexuality, and therefore we are advocates for free dialogue, tolerance and education. 


    We believe that women should have the right to freely decide whether or when to have children. This entails access to safe contraceptive methods, knowledge and good counselling - elements that form natural part of all of the work strategies of the Danish Family Planning Association.


    The Danish Family Planning Association is a private, non-governmental organisation (NGO) without religious or political affiliations. We work with associations and organisations within the sphere of sexual and reproductive health and rights. The Danish Family Planning Association is member of the world's leading family planning organsation, the International Planned Parenthood Federation, IPPF.