Goals and strategies


    The Danish Family Association wants a world where:
    • Everybody has access to information and health services in relation to sexuality, pregnancy and birth.
    • Sexuality is recognized in all its diversity both as valuable part of life and as a basic human right.

    • Stigmatizing and discrimination no longer exists, while the right to choose is fully respected.



    The Danish Family Planning Association will contribute to the vision by:
    • Fighting for sexual and reproductive rights.
    • Strengthening each person’s chances of making free and informed choices about sexuality, sexual health, contraception and abortion.

    • Advocating for everybody’s right to information and health services to sexuality, pregnancy and childbirth. 


    To achieve the visions the Danish Family Planning Association has made three goals for our international activities:
    • To improve sexual and reproductive rights in South Asia and East Africa where we work with national partners.
    • Danish decision makers and stakeholders should focus on sexual and reproductive health and rights in the Danish, European and global development aid.
    • Strengthen the local support for sexual and reproductive health and rights as a part of the Danish development aid.


    International Activities

    As regards the work of the Danish Family Planning Association on the international scene, we have a slightly different approach compared to our national program. The national projects and activities are primarily aimed directly at our target groups, whereas our international programme intitiates both direct and indirect projects and activities by: 

    • Forming partnerships with organisations in selected developing countries to implement projects and activities capable of strengthening the promotion of sexual and reproductive rights.
    • Supporting Danish non-governmental organisations in integrating sexual and reproductive health into their activities.
    • Influencing Danish politicians and securing public backing to provide aid in this field of work through e.g. information campaigns, meetings and field trips for politicians and journalists.
    • Co-orperating with international organisations and networks.