Our History in Brief

    The Danish Family Planning Association was founded in 1956 by the Danish Association of Female Doctors, the Danish Medical Association and the Danish Pharmaceutical Association on the initiative of female doctor, Agnete Bræstrup, who in turn was elected president. 


    The purpose of the association was to disseminate information about access to contraception and sex guidance in order to reduce the number of unwanted pregnancies and abortions. Some of the association's most important issues over the years have been access to legal abortion and the introduction of compulsory sex education in primary and lower-secondary schools in Denmark.

    Today the association has extended its field of activity and are generally engaged in health and rights issues concerning sexuality, pregnancy and birth - also known as sexual and reproductive health and rights. This is one of the reasons why we changed our name to The Danish Family Planning Association (Sex & Samfund) in 1996 during our 40th anniversary.


    In the beginning the activities of the Danish Family Planning Association was only centered in Denmark, but since 1994 we have carried out development projects in a vast number of countries. From the very outset the Danish Family Planning Association has been a member of the world's leading family planning organisation, International Planned Parenthood Federation.